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US Propelling Charge, 155mm, M119A2

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This propelling charge is a Zone 7 red bag charge for firing in 155mm Howitzers containing M185 and M199 cannon tubes.

The M119A2 Propelling Charge is a single increment red bag charge which contains a base igniter pad with 4 ounces CBI powder and a center spot of 0.5 ounces of black powder. The charge is approximately 29 inches long by 6 inches in diameter and contains 20.9 pounds of M6 propellant. The forward end of the charge has a 3 ounces lead foil liner and four pockets sewn longitudinally to the circumference, Each of the four pockets contains 4 ounces of potassium sulfate to act as a flash reducer.

The M119A2 is base ignited and does not contain a center igniter core and tube as in the case of the M119 (M119A1), Although this charge is a Zone 7 it can be used interchangeably with the M119, M119A1 Zone 8 charges and like these charges the M119A2 is to be used in the M185 and M199 gun tubes only. The M119A2 does not have the outer lacing jacket that is used to wrap the M119 and M119A1 propelling charge.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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Collaborative ORDnance data repository (CORD)

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)