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Black Powder

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Other Names

Poudre noire, Schwarzpulver, Fekete löpor, Polvere nera, Polvere da fuoco, Kokoshokuyaku, Yuenyaku, Chörnyi porokh, Dymnyi porokh, Pólvora negra, Svartkrut, Amidogène


Black Powder is used as a sporting propellant, blasting explosive, in time fuzes, primers, igniters, delay and relay elements, pyrotechnics, the base charge for shrapnel shells, bursting charge for blank, saluting and practice shells, in chemical ammunition, and as an igniter in some rockets and missiles.


FSTC 381-5042, Handbook of Foreign Explosives (1965)

FSTC 381-5042, Handbook of Foreign Explosives (1965)

TM 9-1904, Ammunition Inspection Guide (1944)