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US Cartridge, 40mm HEI, M811

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This cartridge is used against low flying aircraft and also ground targets. It is fired from the Sgt York 40mm gun M247.

The projectile of this cartridge is high explosive incendiary with a point-detonating delay action fuze. The projectile is alloy steel filled with Octol (165 g). The projectile nose is threaded to receive the fuze. The cartridge case is brass and crimped rigidly to the projectile. The cartridge case contains approximately 500 grams of propellant. The base of the cartridge case contains a percussion primer consisting of a perforated tube containing black powder and a percussion element. The color of the projectile body is painted yellow with black markings and a light red band. The M761D point-detonating fuze has a delay action module, is graze sensitive, and is self-destructing.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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