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US Rocket Warhead, 2.75 inch Smoke RP, M264

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This rocket is used to provide a protective smoke screen. A group of rockets will provide a smoke screen for approximately five minutes. It is usually deployed from low speed rotary wing aircraft.

The rocket warhead M264 consists of an aluminum casing, an M439 electronic time fuze, an expulsion charge assembly, 72 smoke pellets, felt separators coated with an absorbent material, a base nose cone assembly, and a (outer) nose cone assembly. The smoke pellets are made from a red phosphorus composition which contains an epoxy binder. Each pellet is a 1-inch high, 90 degree wedge with a 1.25 outer radius and a 0.25 inner radius. They are assembled into 18 layers of 4 pellets each separated by the felt separators. The inner radii forms a flash hole that extends the length of the stack. The fuze is located in the warhead base connected to a cable that runs the length of the warhead with an umbilical connector which protrudes out the nose cone. The warhead base is externally threaded for attachment to a standard Mk 66 Mod 3 or Mod 4 rocket motor.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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Collaborative ORDnance data repository (CORD)

TM 43-0001-30, Rockets (chg 14, 2001)