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US Rocket Warhead, 2.75 inch Smoke WP, M259

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This rocket is used to provide a protective smoke screen. A group of rockets will provide a smoke screen for approximately five minutes. It is usually deployed from low speed rotary-wing aircraft.

The rocket warhead M259 consists of an aluminum casing, an internal canister assembly and a mechanical fuze with delay charge. The canister assembly consists of ten white phosphorous (WP) filled submunitions, a central burster, and a pyrotechnic delay detonator system. The canister is 2-1/2-in. in diameter and 16-in. long with a rear end plate containing a central burster tube and a forward end plate containing a WP filling port and a closure plug. The submunitions are perforated steel sheet formed into two sets of five pie shaped containers packed with fiberglass. The fiberglass serves as a matrix for physically holding the WP and it restricts the flow of WP during functioning to produce a greater than five min smoke source. The central burster is primacord. The pyrotechnic delay detonator system initiates the burster.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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Collaborative ORDnance data repository (CORD)

TM 43-0001-30, Rockets (chg 14, 2001)