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US Projectile, 8 inch HE, M106

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This projectile is used against personnel and materiel, producing blast and fragmentation at the target.

The projectile consists of a hollow steel forging with a boattailed base, a streamlined ogive, and a gilding metal rotating band. A base cover is welded to the base of the projectile for added protection against the entrance of hot gases from the propelling charge during firing. The nose of the propelling is fitted with a thread eyebolt-lifting plug to facilitate handling and provide a closure for the fuze cavity. The projectile is made with either a shallow or deep fuze cavity and may be loaded with TNT or Composition B. Deep cavity projectiles contain a supplementary charge in the fuze cavity, A cardboard spacer is placed in the fuze cavity between the supplementary charge and the lifting plug to limit movement of the supplementary charge during shipping and handling. The rotating band is protected by a removable grommet. The loaded projectile is zoned into one of five weight zones ranging from 191.4 to 204.3 pounds. The weight zone of the projectile is indicated by the number squares and prick punch marks on the ogive of the projectile.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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Collaborative ORDnance Data Repository (CORD)

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