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PD, Mk 26 Mod 0-2

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Point Detonating Fuze Mk 26 Mod 0 consists essentially of the following parts: The nose or body unit (into which is fitted the rear disc or air channel) and the closing unit, which contains the detonator.

The Point Detonating Fuzes Mk 26 Mods 1 and 2 consist essentially of two pieces: (1) the nose or main body and (2) the magazine, which contains the same detonator used in the Point Detonating Fuze Mk 26 Mod 0 and an additional booster of tetryl below the lead azide detonator.

These fuzes will not detonate on water impact, but they will detonate on 1/8 inch mild steel. The Mods 1 and 2 are more sensitive than the Mod 0 to both impact and heat. No more Point Detonating Fuzes Mk 26 Mod 2 are being made.

Hazardous Components

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OP 1664, Volume 1 - US Explosive Ordnance (1947)