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This device is designed for firing explosive charges by chemical delayed action. They are issued in boxes of ten, with different delays. The delay depends on the concentration of the corrosive liquid in the glass ampoule, the color of the safety tab on each device indicating the delay of that device. In addition, the delay varies with the temperature. A chart with the temperature correction for each device will be found in the box.

The principal parts of the device are the glass ampoule containing the corrosive liquid, the spring-loaded striker, the restraining wire preventing the striker from impinging on the percussion cap, the standard nipple base, and the identification and safety strip. The restraining wire runs along the side of the ampoule and is securely attached to the end of the device by the screw and lead washer. The safety strip runs through the device between the striker and base, and would prevent the device from firing should the glass ampoule be broken in handling or shipping.

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OP 1664, Volume 2 - US Explosive Ordnance (1947)