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The M605 fuze is used with the M16 series antipersonnel mines.

The M605 fuze is of the combination type, with a three-pronged pressure firing mechanism at the top and a pull wire release pin ring at the side. The firing mechanism is housed in a cylindrical, metal case which contains the cocking mechanism and a trigger pin, a release pin, and a firing pin, each fitted with a coil spring. The base or loading assembly contains a primer, a delay charge, a relay charge, and an igniter charge. Two safety pins render the fuze safe during shipment and handling. A cotter pin passes through the end of the release pin and bears against the body of the fuze. A second cotter pin passes through the end of the firing pin, between the prongs. An interlocking pin between the safety pins provides additional safety. Fuzes are shipped with the M16 mines or as separate issue. A hexagonal shipping plug closes the fuze well of the mine.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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