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US Bomb, 250 lb GP, AN-M57, AN-M57A1

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These bombs are all general purpose high explosive bombs.

The standard color scheme employed on these bombs since 11 March 1942 has been an olive drab body with yellow bands to indicate the HE filler. The banding system for Amatol and TNT fillers is a one inch yellow band at the nose, a one-inch yellow band at the tail of the bomb body, and a 1/4-inch dotted band at the center of gravity. Because Composition "B" is more sensitive and requires more careful handling, it is given an additional marking consisting of a second one-inch yellow band at the nose and at the tail. On these bands "Comp. B" is stenciled in black paint. Recent production eliminates the 1/4-inch band, since the center of gravity is located accurately enough by the single suspension lug.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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