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US Bomb, 2000 lb GP, AN-M34, AN-M66, AN-M66A1, AN-M66A2

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The AN-M66A2 is a cylindrical bomb which is 92.63 inches long and weighs 2,155.5 pounds as released. The body is 71.8 inches in length and 23.3 inches in diameter. It weighs 2,098.5 pounds of which 1,140.3 pounds (52.9 percent of the complete round) is explosive charge. The charge may be tritonal, TNT, Comp B, or amatol. The base plate of this bomb is securely locked to the body and the adapter-booster may be locked to the base plate. When the AN-M66A2 is used for dive bombing, by the Navy, it must be fitted with the Band, Trunnion, AN-M7.

Other models of this size and type of bomb and the details in which they differ from the AN-M66A2 are listed below:

(1) Bomb, GP, 2,000-lb, AN-M66A1 differs from AN-M66A2 in that it is 92.83 inches long and weighs 2,155 pounds as released. The AN-M66A1 contains 1,156 pounds of explosive (tritonal) or 53.6 percent of the total weight. In addition the nose of the AN-M66A2 is thicker and not as rounded as that of the AN-M66A1, the AN-M66A2 being more similar in shape to smaller GP bombs.

(2) Bomb, GP, 2,000-lb, AN-M66 is the same as the AN-M66A1 except that its base plate is removable and the adapter-booster cannot be locked in place.

(3) Bomb, GP, 2,000-lb, AN-M34 is an earlier model corresponding to the AN-M66 series. It weighs 2,049.0-pounds of which 1,060 pounds is explosive charge (Amatol).

(4) Bomb, demolition, 2,000-lb, M34 differs from the AN-M34 in that it weighs 1,987 pounds of which 1,076 pounds is explosive charge (Amatol). In addition, the M34 does not have the single suspension lug and is fitted with a base cap in place of a base plate.

Body is OD with a yellow band.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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