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US Bomb, 100 lb GP, AN-M30, AN-M30A1

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These bombs are all general purpose high explosive bombs.

To overcome the erratic flight of these bombs when dropped from high altitudes by very heavy bombers, the tail assembly of the 260 pound Fragmentation Bomb M81 replaces the customary tail unit, which is two inches shorter, for such missions. Use of the Cluster Adapter M22 permits single suspension for four GP Bombs AN-M30 or AN-M30A1.

The AN-M30A1 bomb contains antiwithdrawal pins in the base plug and a device for locking the adapter booster to the base plug. The earlier model, AN-M30, does not have these features.

The AN-M30 bomb is lighter in weight than its modification, the AN-M30A1. The AN-M30 may be loaded with 105.5 pounds of Tritonal, 102.5 pounds of TNT, or 99.0 pounds of Amatol 50-50.

The bombs are painted an overall olive drab with one inch-yellow bands around the nose and base and a 1/4 inch yellow band around the center of gravity.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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