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Ammonium Nitrate

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Other Names

Belgium, France - Nitrate d'ammoniaque

Germany - Ammoniumnitrat; Ammonnitrat; Ammonsaltpeter

Hungary - Ammoniumnitrát; Ammonsalétrom

Italy - Nitrato ammonico; Nitrato d'ammonio

Japan - Ammonum Shosasen

Poland - Saletra amonowa

Russia - Ammoniinaya Selitra; Azotnokislyi ammonii

Spain - Nitrato amónico

Sweden - Ammoniumnitrat

Switzerland - Ammonnitrat


Ammonium Nitrate is one of the most widely used components of explosives, both in commercial and military types. It is also used universally as a nitrogenous fertilizer. When used as a fertilizer, it does not have to meet the standard of purity (99%) required by its use as an explosive.

Because of its insensitivity, Ammonium Nitrate is seldom used alone. It is commonly used as an explosive extender in such mixtures as Amatol and Ammonal; in blasting, cratering and demolition explosives such as Ammonite; and in some solid "composite propellants".


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