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Ordnance, Explosives, and Related Items

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Added or replaced 79 PDF files for this update. Highlights include four new Indian Chief Inspector of Ammunition Technical Reports, which I believe completes that particular collection. I also found Part 2 of the Regulations for Army Ordnance Services. I had some of these for a long time but they were terrible reproductions. These are far better.

20mm Oerlikon Ammunition (1968)

AFATL-TR-72-91, Improved FMU-68/B Fuze (1968)

AMCP 706-282, Propulsion and Propellants (1960)

AP 1661G Chapter 4, Detonators, Electric, No. D39, Demolition, Mk I and Mk III (1943)

Boobytrap Recognition Manual Vol 1, Australian and British (2019)

Boobytrap Recognition Manual Vol 2, American (2019)

Boobytrap Recognition Manual Vol 3, F1/F1A1 Combination (2020)

Chemical Corps Historical Study 4, Portable Flame Thrower Operations in WW2 (1949)

Chief Inspector of Ammunition Technical Report No 43, Igniter Cartridges for Type 93 Small Portable Flame Thrower (1945)

Chief Inspector of Ammunition Technical Report No 46, Comparative Performance of Different Calibers of Small Arms Against Portable Shields (1945)

Chief Inspector of Ammunition Technical Report No 49, Grenade, Hand, HE, Pull Type (1945)

Chief Inspector of Ammunition Technical Report No 51, Ammunition for 70mm Barrage Mortar, Smooth Bore (1945)

Civil War Explosive Ordnance (1960)

Development of Cartridge, 90mm HEAT, T300 (1959)

Diehl Ordnance Division - 20mm API, DM23A1

Diehl Ordnance Division - 40mm DM81A2, DM68, DM31A3

Dixi Fuze Catalog

Field Artillery Cannon Weapon Systems and Ammunition Handbook (1981)

Frankford Arsenal Drawings

Fuze Time XM561E1 (1963)

Fuzes Handbook

Handbook for the Ordnance QF 18 Pr Mks IV, IVA, IVB (1940)

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 No 12 (1945)

Japanese Explosive Ordnance Packing

Japanese Tank and Antitank Warfare (1945)

Launcher, Rocket, 3.5 Inch UK M20, Mk 2 (1952)

Manual of Mines and Boobytraps of the Far East

NAVORD AV14-44, 100 lb Cluster M28, 500 lb Cluster M29 (1944)

Notes On Ammunition for QF 13pr, QF 18pr, QF 4.5 Inch Howitzer (1915)

NPG Report 933, Fuzing System for XSAM-N-4 Guided Missile Dove (1952)

NPG 1048, Rocket Launcher Tests Of Electric Bomb Fuze EX 200 Mod 3 (1952)

NWM De Kruithoorn - Break Up Ammunition

NWM De Kruithoorn Ammunition for M61, M39

OP 831, Depth Charge Projector Mk 6 (1944)

OP 1280, Aircraft Bombs (1945)

OP 1362, Demolition Firing Device Mk 1 Mod 1(1944)

ORD 2509, Naval Chemical Munitions (1955)

PATR 2510, Dictionary of Explosives, Ammunition and Weapons (1958)

RAOS Part 2 No 1, Projectiles (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 2, Cartridges and Complete Rounds ML Mortar Ammunition (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 3, Marking on Land Service Projectiles (1934)

RAOS Part 2 No 4, Methods To Be Employed for the Destruction of Filled Shell, Bombs, etc. (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 5, Detonators, Fuzes, Gaines, Percussion Primers and Caps, Tubes (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 7, Instructions for the Examination, Testing and Sentencing of Cordite, Ballistite and Nitrocellulose Powder (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 8. Instructions to Guide the Operations of Securing, Sealing and Opening Lids of Ammunition Packages (1934)

RAOS Part 2 No 10, Examination and Testing of Gunpowder, Guncotton, Dynamites and High Explosives (1934)

RAOS Part 2 No 11, Laboratories, Laboratory Operations and General Instructions for Examination of Explosives (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 12, Instructions for the Examination and Proof of Pyrotechnic Stores (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 13, Procedure for Examination of Land Service Ordnance (1937)

RAOS Part 2 No 14, Instructions for Examining and Conditioning Ordnance (1938)

RAOS Part 2 No 15, Instructions for the Examination of Ordnance for Steel and Copper Choke (1929)

RAOS Part 2 No 16, Examination of Breech Mechanisms (1941)

RAOS Part 2 No 17, Obturators (1940)

RAOS Part 2 No 18, Instructions for Examining Aiming Rifles and their Fittings (1940)

RAOS Part 2 No 19, List of Tools and Gauges for Examination of Ordnance (1942)

RAOS Part 2 No 20, Mechanically Propelled Vehicles (1933)

RAOS Part 2 No 21, Instructions to Guide Initial Setting Up of Automatic Sights (1941)

RAOS Part 2 No 22, Care and Preservation of Anti Aircraft Equipment (1939)

RAOS Part 2 No 23, Instructions to Guide Assembly and Adjustment of ER Converters and DC Correctors (1941)

RAOS Part 2 No 25, Table of Probable Life and Wear of Rifling of Ordnance and Mortars (1938)

RAOS Part 2 No 26, Respirators (1941)

RAOS Part 2 No 27, Instructions for Examination, Care and Preservation of Artillery Equipment (1940)

RAOS Part 2 No 28, Repairs to Rangefinding, Optical and Other Stores (1932)

Russian Fuze Handbook

Serviceability and Function Test of Primer Detonator M14 (1961)

Special Series 23 Index to Intelligence Publications (1944)

Summary Report, Engineering and Production of Movement Assembly, MT, 90 Sec, T5E1

Summary Technical Report, Div 11 Vol 8, Fire Warfare (1946)

Summary Technical Report, Div 19 Vol 1, Miscellaneous Weapons (1946)

TC 20-32-4, Foreign Mine Handbook (1997)

Technical Evaluation of the Rockeye I Bomblet Fuze Mk 258 Mod 0 (1964)

TM 9-252, 40mm Automatic Gun M1 (AA) (1944)

TM 9-328, 4.5 Inch Gun M1

TM 9-471, 16 Inch Seacoast Gun Material (1942)

TR 195-30, Explosives and Demolitions (1930)

USNTME 271- 45, Small Arms Powder Manufacture in Germany (1945)

VC Mines and Traps

War Dept. Document No. 1741, Hand and Rifle Grenades (1917)

XM746 Practice Fuze Progress Report (1980)