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Ordnance, Explosives, and Related Items

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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

53 new or improved files for this release. Also updated US bombs and US projectiles data pages.

Two new files that cover munitions being used in the Ukraine War: Ordnance and Munitions, The XXI Century Encyclopedia (Russian) and Rocket Artillery Weapons and Munitions (Ukraine). Both can also be found in the Manufacturers Catalogs page.

Another notable recent release: US Chemical Weapons and Related Materiel Reference Guide (2022)


AFATL-TR-67-24, Flame Weapon for the SUU-24/A Dispenser (1967)

Albanian Munitions Handbook

APGC-TR-66-26, Evaluation of the SUU-24/A Dispenser and BLU-3/B Bomb (1966)

APGC-TR-68-57, Engineering Evaluation Test of the BLU-40/B Bomb (1968)

AST-1160H-001-75, Foreign Fuze Manual - Free World (1975)

Boobytrap Recognition Manual Vol 4, USSR/Russian Firing Devices (2021)

DEP 9-1320-535-14, Draft Equipment Publication for Projectile, 155mm HE, XM795 (1979)

Development of M108 (T21) Nose Bomb Fuze (1941)

Dust Fuse for German SD10 Bomb (1945)

Enemy Bombs and Fuzes (1944)

FM 3-10, Employment of Chemical Agents (1966)

FSTC-CW-07-100-73, Fuze Manual - Eurasian Communist Countries (1973)

GB Warheads for Army Ballistic Missiles, 1950-1966 (1968)

Glossary of Ordnance Terms, Preliminary Edition (1959)

Handbook for the 4.2 Inch Chemical Mortar (1932)

Handbook of Ammunition Used In Kurdistan and Surrounding Areas (2009)

Handbook on Rifle and Hand Grenades (1917)

Hanwha Fuzes (2010)

Krusik Catalog (2021)

MCI 1374A, Landmine Warfare (2001)

NAVPERS 10826-B, Naval Airborne Ordnance (1965)

NDRC Report A334, VT Fuzes for Rockets and Bombs (1945)

NDRC Report A64, Radio Proximity Fuzes for Bombs and Rockets (1942)

NOTS TP 2244, Zuni 5 Inch High Performance Folding Fin Aircraft Rocket (1959)

NOTS TP 3431 Rev 1, Cluster Bomb Mk 15 Mod 0 (Sadeye Weapon System) (1964)

NPG Report 1205, Ballistic Tests of Mk 48 and Mk 28 Projectile Fuzes (1953)

NWC TP 6979, Vol 1, Design and Development History of US Bombs (1990)

Oerlikon 80mm Rockets

OP 901, Mine, Mk 12 and Modifications (1943)

OP 1667, Japanese Explosive Ordnance, Volume 2 (1946)

Ordnance and Munitions, The XXI Century Encyclopedia

OS 9-18, Ammunition General, Volume 2 (1942)

OS 9-18, Ammunition General, Volume 3 (1943)

OSRD 2067, Development of Subcaliber Projectiles for Hispano-Suiza Gun (1943)

RAOS Vol 4, Pamphlet 1 - Nomenclature and Markings (1954)

RAOS Vol 4, Pamphlet 9 Part 1 - Artillery Fuzes, Gaines and Tracers

Report on Japanese Biological Warfare (BW) Activities (1946)

Riot Control Weapons for the Vietnam War (1970)

Rocket Artillery Weapons and Munitions

Rockeye II Design and Development History (1967)

TB 3-300-4, Grenade, Hand, Irritant, CN-DM, M6A1 (1958)

TB 3-300-5, Grenade, Hand and Rifle, Smoke, WP, M34 (1959)

TB 3-400-2, Bomb, Gas, Nonpersistent, 750 lb, MC-1 (1958)

TB 9-1340-201, Rocket, High Explosive, 2.75 inch; Rocket, Practice, 2.75 inch; Rocket, Target Marker, 2.75 inch; Rocket, White Phosphorous, 2.75 inch; and Rocket, Antipersonnel, 2.75 inch for Rocket Launchers (1969)

TB CML 86, Grenade, Hand, Tear, CS, M7A2 (1961)

TC 20-32-5, Land Mine and Explosive Hazards (Iraq) (2003)

TM 3-215, Military Chemistry and Chemical Agents (1963)

TM 750-5-15, Chemical Weapons and Defense Equipment (1967)

TM 9-1300-205, Ammunition for Mortars (1960)

TM 9-1330-200-12, Operators and Organizational Maintenance Manual for Grenades (1971)

TM 9-1340-222-20, 2.75 inch Low Spin Folding Fin Aircraft Rockets; 2.75 inch Spin Stabilized Wrap Around Fin Aircraft Rockets; 66mm Light Antitank Weapon Systems; 3.5 inch Rockets; and M3A2E1 Rocket Motor (JATO) (1994)

TM 9-1385-51, Identification of Ammunition (Conventional) for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (1967)

US Chemical Weapons and Related Materiel Reference Guide (2022)