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Ordnance, Explosives, and Related Items

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

21 new books for this release, listed below.

For the last few months I have been working with Bomb Techs Without Borders to establish a website so they can distribute Russian technical documents to Ukrainian EOD teams. It has 500+ documents available. Its a pretty simple site containing a listing of available documents. There will be more content in the near future.

There will be no update for our offline customers. This site update has been done to add new PDF files.

New PDF files

Bazalt State Research and Production Enterprise Catalog

Chemical Agent Fact Book (2010)

Dermal Toxicity Evaluation of Neutralized Chemical Agent Identification Sets (CAIS) (1997)

DST-1160Z-029-94, Projectile and Warhead Identification Guide - Foreign

Elbit Systems Land Artillery Ammunition Portfolio

Elbit Systems Land Mortar Ammunition Portfolio

Explosive Ordnance Guide for Ukraine, First Edition (2022)

Explosive Ordnance Guide for Ukraine, Second Edition (2022)

Kaho`olawe Ordnance Identification Guide Book

Kuwait Ordnance Manual

Manual on Basic Identification of Ammunition in Ukraine 2.0

Military Problems with Aerosols and Nonpersistent Gases

Military Research Bulletin 11 (1945)

Nammo Ammunition Handbook, Edition 3 (2015)

Nammo Ammunition Handbook, Edition 4 (2016)

Nammo Ammunition Handbook, Edition 5 (2018)

Nammo Ammunition Handbook, Edition 6 (2021)

Obliterating Animal Carcasses with Explosives (1995)

Oman Munition Production Company Catalog

Poongsan Ammunition & Explosives

Rosoboronexport Aerospace Systems Export Catalogue (2003)