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US Projectile, 155mm Smoke WP, M825, M825A1

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The M825/M825A1 smoke projectile is used by the artillery to produce screening smoke to obscure enemy vision or to screen maneuvering elements.

These projectiles are separate loading 155mm artillery projectiles which are used to produce a ground screening smoke of 5-10 minutes duration. The M825/M825A1 projectile consists of a modified M483A1 projectile carrier consisting of an M483A1 ogive and expulsion charge in a modified M483A1 all steel body and a threaded steel ring base. A rotating band encircles the assembled projectile near the base. The projectile carries a payload of white phosphorus impregnated 3/4-inch felt wedges contained in a hermetically sealed steel canister (29 per quadrant, 116 per canister). A burster charge, 1/4-inch diameter (approximately 21 grams Composition A-5) runs the entire length of the canister in the 1/2-inch x 1/2-inch central cavity which was produced by off-setting the canister X ribs. A launch activated safe and arm (S&A) module from the MTSQ M577 Series or ET M762 fuze separates the forward end of the main charge from the heat sensitive pyrotechnic delay equipment.

The M825A1 projectile contains an improved payload and a new base which have corrected the M825 flight instability.

The M825A1 base is made out of steel and has two wrench slots. The M825 base is made out of aluminum and has recesses for wrench.


No information about functioning.

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